Lip Maestro The Original

A velvet matte liquid lipstick with a creamy texture.


Lip Maestro liquid lipstick is the perfect balance between an... Read more

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Liquid Lipstick

Lip Maestro liquid lipstick is the perfect balance between an incredible velvet matte finish, exceptional comfort and wear, and intense colors.


Since its creation a decade ago, Lip Maestro liquid lipstick has become a legendary makeup icon. With The Original campaign, Giorgio Armani unfolds the unique story behind the creation of Lip Maestro that pays tribute to its original shade 000 "éclat de pierres" 0 (French for "stone shine") that is a vibrant, deep purple lip color shade.


“What's fascinating about this formula is that it’s a completely new generation. It is a 4D effect because you have this incredible depth of color that still remains matte but is very luminous. So you can get a really chic effect in deep luminous reds, amethysts or plums and it's fascinating because it is long lasting and very comfortable.


When you wear Lip Maestro, you almost need no other makeup.

Lip Maestro, worn alone, can be the height of chic.” - Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Make-up Artist.