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Fluid Foundation

Brighten your complexion with a refining liquid foundation that leaves behind naturally glowing skin. 

Awarded the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Marie Claire 2013, whose key criterion is innovation, Maestro liquid foundation is the revolutionary new makeup formula created by patented Fusion Technology. 

From textiles to cosmetics: a no makeup feel texture inspired by Super Organza. Unveiled in 2012 at the Spring/Summer Privé Haute Couture show, this is the thinnest fabric in the world.

Maestro is not just a matte foundation, and more than a skin perfector, because it concentrates both their benefits:
- Waterfree oils: 60% time-release translucent, non-greasy oils for a fresh feel, a non-greasy finish and a pure color.
- 11% pigments for a perfect complexion. There's no powder, so no mask effect.
- Low surface tension for the fastest, easiest application.
- Extras:
Skin surface perfection due to soft particles that provide the thinnest correcting film and an extraordinary sensory feel.
Contains lotus oil, known for its anti-free radical properties. 

Application Tips:
• Shake the bottle and put three drops in the palm of your hand.
• In rapid, fluid movements, spread the foundation out from the center of face to the edges. Make sure to concentrate the application in the center of the face where most imperfections are found.
• Blend from the center of forehead to the temples, from the nose, across the cheeks towards the ears, and then from the chin, up along the jaw line.

With the dropper, dispense a drop on the back of your hand and apply with finger. Repeat application, based on your coverage need. 

Backstage tip:
Use it on no-make up days or for the most natural makeup finish and wear with Fluid Sheer for the Armani Glow.