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Mysterious - Incandescent - Inflaming


Armani Code

The Armani Code Profumo men's fragrance resonates with a real and present masculinity. The nuanced opulence of the captivating cologne creates an irresistibly magnetic attraction. It makes the incandescent transition from transparency to translucency; from the black of night to scintillating amber. Alluring, powerful and fiery, the classic Code base of tonka bean has been amplified by a sensual woody fragrance and notes of burnt styrax wood. As the latest addition to the Armani Code range, the Armani Code Profumo fragrance for men is inspired by the impeccable excellence of a Giorgio Armani tuxedo, the evening attire for enticing encounters. Armani Code Profumo illustrates the seductive vibrato played out between a man and a woman. In a sensual wake, he charms, the atmosphere warms. Armani Code Profumo is incarnated by one of today's most seductive American screen actors, Chris Pine.

Perfume on the 3 pulsation points: wrist, inner elbow and neck.

THE SECRET: Profumo means “perfume” in Italian. It adds an Italian touch to this glamorous collection.